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How does it work?
It has been scientifically proven that acupuncture needles block pain messages along the nerves and
encourage the body to produce natural pain killers. Also, it has been shown, the bodies’ hormone and
immune systems are balanced through the placement of needles.

What can it treat?
Acupuncture can be particularly useful in conditions which do not respond to conventional treatment or
where concurrent conditions limit the use of routine conventional medicines. It can also help reduce
the doses of conventional medicines in cases where there are potential harmful side effects.
Acupuncture can be successful in treating arthritis and painful musculoskeletal conditions, myofacial
pain syndrome, Incontinence, lick granulomas and many more.


The treatment
Most pets tolerate the placement of needles surprising well and after the first one or two they often
relax and lie down. I am a practicing clinician and so will be performing a full clinical examination as
well as a thorough review of your pets health in order to tailor my treatments to your pets individual needs.

I believe healing is aided by relaxation. This is why I have chosen the Secret Herb Garden to provide a
tranquil, non clinical environment. Your pet wont have to worry about the stress, sounds and smells
accompanied but the usual vet visit. Home visits are also available if you prefer.

Date: Regularly on Tuesdays

Cost: £45 per Treatment at the Secret Herb Garden
£60 per Treatment at your Home
(Some insurers cover)

Time: Treatments are at least 30mins but will vary depending upon your pets needs.

Therapist: Marie Richardson

For more information, to make a booking or to see if acupuncture can help your pets’ condition, please contact Marie by
or by phone: 07853 837 400

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