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Mind Calm

Mind CALM Meditation is a modern, effective and gentle approach to stress, anxiety and the busy mind full of constant chatter!

The solution to restore Calm, Clarity, Confidence and Creativity to the busy, distracted mind…Created by best-selling author and the UK’s Top Meditation Teacher – Sandy C. Newbigging.

 No jargon, no rituals, no strict rules, no uncomfortable sitting positions AND absolutely NO judgement as to where you’re at. Just a simple, easy to learn and fun way to enjoy more serenity and success in daily life.

Mind CALM Meditation provides practical techniques that allow you to let go of the constant chatter happening in your mind. In doing so, Mind CALM Meditation can help you:

– Worry less
– Sleep better
– Improve your relationships
– Live more fully in the present moment
– Feel more CALM 
– More Confident 
– AND more Content 

Lesley Bell is a fully accredited Mind CALM Coach and during this 1 day workshop Lesley will:

– Give you expert guidance on how to use Mind CALM Meditation in the most effective and enjoyable ways.

– Teach you the life-changing insights that sit at the heart of this unique meditation technique.

– Provide opportunities to meditate for short periods of time as a group.

– Teach you how to use Mind CALM Meditation with your eyes open so you can experience the benefits throughout your day.


1 DAY, £40

Times: 10am to 4pm.
Tutor: Lesley Bell

Contact info@lesleybell-lifecoach.co.uk or call 07525 069 773 for more information or to make a booking.


Lesley Bell

Lesley is a qualified Mind CALM Coach and Mind Detox Practitioner personally trained and qualified by the no.1 best selling author and inventor of Mind Calm, Sandy C. Newbigging. Lesley spent time studying with Sandy C. Newbigging in Edinburgh and has since worked with people from all over the world teaching Mind Calm and helping them discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems using the Mind Detox Method.

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