Welcome to the selection of herbs growing here at the Secret Herb Garden, these are all varieties that we are passionate about and have been lovingly nurtured, so they are health, happy herbs that are ready to find new homes.

We sell all our herbs in three different sized pots and each at its own price point irrelevant of the variety;

9cm pots at £3.95 each or 3 for £10
1litre pots at £5.95 each or 3 for £15
2 litre pots at £7.95 each or 3 for £20

This is done for two reasons, firstly, simplicity and secondly how can you price one herb higher than another.
We have listed the herbs by their common name first, followed by the Latin name as most of us work with the everyday names rather than their full titles. We haven’t separated whether they are culinary or medicinal, as in our mind to be known as a herb the plant must be medicinal on some level anyway. Therefore we have given each herb a short description, a note on its modern medicinal value, one for its culinary uses if applicable and a brief insight into its historical / mythical and magical gifts.

I hope you enjoy and have the opportunity to plant some of these wonderful herbs in your garden to allow them to work their subtle magic.

Herb Seeds for Sale
We also have a selection of herbs that we sell by seed – this is a consistently growing list that we will be adding to each year as our stock and varieties increase. All seed packets are priced at £2.95 each.

Fresh Culinary Herbs for Restauranteurs
Following is a full list of herbs that can be harvested and delivered fresh to the restaurant kitchen door from the Secret Herb Garden dependant on season. If you wish to receive the weekly email price list with what is available for that week please contact Hamish on hamish@secretherbgarden.co.uk –. ‘Open the door to the magic of herbs.’


Medicinal Herbs
Edible Herbs
Trees and Roses
Dried Herbs