Welcome to the Greenman’s Grotto

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This year for the first time, the newly opened, award winning herb nursery, Secret Herb Garden has created the most magical of places to visit, to experience the real spirit of Christmas. Instead of Santa asking ‘what do you want for Christmas’ why not allow a child the chance to hear how to care and respect for something really special, a tree.

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Open for children and adults alike, enter the enchanted lit glasshouse and follow a fairy path which leads to a hidden natural grotto where the Greenman awaits. Once here you are to choose a bare root tree from one of six of our indigenous British species: Alder, Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Oak, Rowan or Scots Pine. The Greenman will help you to pot up your tree and allow you to choose either a stone or shell to keep with the tree – advice will be given on how to love and nurture your gift. 

Allow the tree to become part of your life, to grow together through the changing seasons and witness the magic unfold.

What better gift for a child or adult.

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This December from 10am to 4pm –

Friday 12th / Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th / Friday 19th /

Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st / Monday 22nd / Tuesday 23rd.

 – Cost is £5 per child/adult

For more information,

Phone Hamish : 07768530044, email or Facebook