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Brian Pool

Brian is a third-generation professional beekeeper with over 40 years of experience. Brian’s fascination with bees was kindled at the age of four, watching his grandfather in Cornwall tending his hives and has had bees ever since his father gave him his first hive. Brian has been keeping bees in the Lothian area since 1987, gathering honey from a wide range of crops including clover, raspberries, lime trees and heather. He has given talks to children in schools, at the National Museum and at the Royal Botanic Gardens. He also ran the beekeeping centre at Dobbie’s butterfly world for many years and provided observation hives and talks at the New Lanark SWT wildlife centre. Whether you are looking to learn the basics or to work your own hives there is nowhere better to come than the Secret Herb Garden.

Beekeeping / Candle Making (bee wax)

Contact or call : 0744 357 3351 for more information.

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