Ashley Watson and Gillian Duncan

Ashley Watson - Gillian Duncan

Ashley and Gillian are experienced mindfulness meditation teachers who are both passionate about the benefits of regular gratitude practice.

Ashley joined her first teacher-led meditation group in 2006 and has been meditating ever since. When, out of the blue in 2014, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ashley realised that conventional medicine could only do so much, but that within her lay the ability to help her own body to heal. After recovering from breast cancer, her path in life changed – instead of going back to her previous career, Ashley decided to practise her passion as a holistic therapist. These days, Ashley teaches meditation as well as co-leading weekend retreats and gratitude workshops with Gillian. Ashley is a Karuna Reiki and an Indian Head Massage practitioner and has recently qualified as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

Gillian has personally practised meditation for over 15 years and describes it as being her anchor through life’s ups and downs. She knows how important maintaining a sense of well-being is to staying healthy, feeling good and functioning well, and she is passionate about passing on the techniques that create that feeling of well-being. Being able to give people the confidence that they can ride life’s waves instead of being swamped by them is what motivates Gillian. As well as being a Mindfulness Association teacher, Gillian is an Indian Head Massage practitioner, a Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki practitioner.

Ashley and Gillian excel in providing training in a nurturing, creative and inspiring atmosphere. Their ‘Living in the moment’ compassion and gratitude retreat in the beautiful setting of The Bield near Perth this summer was described by attendees as “welcoming”, “soothing”, “uplifting”, “healing”, “kind”, “life-changing”, “joyful”, “peaceful”, “beautiful”, “amazing” and “powerful”. (They will be running this event again in the spring of 2016; for more information, see:

Gillian and Ashley share a love of yoga, nature and the outdoors, although Ashley describes herself as more of an enthusiastic walker than a mountaineer like Gillian! They both totally love the atmosphere at The Secret Herb Garden and are looking forward to teaching there.
Ashley Watson - Gillian Duncan

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