Story telling with Amanda Edmiston



~ interactive storytelling and music session for families ~

“Join storyteller Amanda Edmiston and musician Louise Cairns for a storytelling journey for families in the Secret Herb Garden, we’ll be making shakers traditionally used in guising to scare away any mischievous brownies and bogles and learning a new song for Halloween to see if it brings us any Guising goodies, the whole evening will be joined together in an incredible story…the plants have magical properties, the hills hold fairy folk, the sky might be full of witches and even the trees are said to get up and dance on this magical evening!”


~ evening event for grown-ups ~

“After a sell out night with ‘Atropa Nights: poison stories’ at The Secret Herb Garden back in August, professional storyteller and writer Amanda Edmiston & songwriter and musician Louise Cairns return with their promised new evening of original, dark and funny gothic fairy stories & enchanting live music for a grown up audience: Halloween is coming and we will be bringing you WITCHCRAFT!

Find out how events led three young women to become the legendary witches of fairy stories, discover what herbal gifts they held as a pack of wolves followed them through a dark forest…It turns out Baba Yaga was not always a feared old crone!

Amanda’s original stories draw on plant folklore, legends, fairy tales and literature.
Witchcraft! takes a look at the stories we know from a different angle and is interspersed with stories of real witches from history, Jacobites, lavender distillers and midnight dances are woven together into what we hope will be an enchanting evening.”


Written by Amanda Edmiston – Freelance writer and storyteller.
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Saturday – 31st of October 2015

‘Guise’ – From 5pm to 6pm
‘Witchcraft!’ – From 7.30pm to 8.30pm

 £6 per person – Includes a hot chocolate and a spooky biscuit.
‘Witchcraft!’ £12.5 per person – Includes a warmed mulled cider or a spiced apple juice.

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